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He was then trained in undercover work by Mossad, lived briefly in South America to establish a persona as a rich businessman, went to Syria and moved in high society, became the confidante of generals and ultimately Deputy Defence Minister. The information he radioed back in secret transmissions was key to Israel winning the Six Day War. He was pressured by his Mossad overlords against his better judgement to return to Syria one last time, was captured, tortured and executed.

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He was a confident and enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius square Mars Uranus in Pisces and trine Neptune Moon in Leo — certainly devil-may-care, idealistic, brave and foolhardy. That all makes sense of a high-roller who lived like James Bond. His darker, more secretive side came from Saturn in Scorpio in his 8 th trine a 4 th house Pluto which in turn opposed Mercury. I cannot fathom the kind of temperament which can live that kind of a double life where the penalty for exposure is guaranteed to be exceedingly nasty.

Living with that kind of constant fear takes a special kind of character. His widow also aimed a few brickbats at Mossad, blaming them for sending him back. Recent Amazon pre-orders had it ranked as low as and some bookshops are refusing to stock it. Cameron, 9 October 5. Their relationship chart has a ratchety, bad-tempered composite Mars Mercury opposition Saturn which suggests a one-sided relationship of all give and not much take.

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Posts about Grand Sextile written by astrobuss. a good idea to go right into looking at the 7 February Station (Strong) of Sedna (Fear/Power). We have had a series of grand sextiles since late June when Venus joined . “ The last time we had this exact configuration was February

Plus a friendly composite Sun Venus but tied into a disruptive Uranus Pluto which was probably also square the composite Moon — so undercurrents of resentment would constantly be bubbling. That relationship chart has a gritty, rough-edged Mars trine Saturn trine a slippery Neptune, formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto Moon — it is remarkably tied together as well as difficult — and tied into the Node.

Quite a fated connection. Not protocol at all. Their relationship chart is horrendous with a composite Sun in a cold opposition to Saturn and an argumentative trine to Mars; with a strained Yod of irritable-dislike Mars sextile Saturn inconjunct a rebellious Uranus and Uranus in a not-in-the-same-space opposition to Venus. Young arrogant thruster that he was, he probably regarded Royal courtesies as a relic of a bygone era. Much as Boris does. In she has the lacklustre tr Neptune square her Sun in February for the final time; then she picks up the upbeat and lucky-break tr Uranus square her Jupiter from June onwards, running through October and into though not exact over the election or Inauguration.

From late February on for two years she has tr Pluto square her Mars and Uranus which looks like a huge upheaval, risky, aggravating and stressful. And tr Neptune will be square the Mars until late this year which is usually panicky-failure. Plus a downbeat Solar Arc Saturn square his Sun at the moment and square his Venus in spring , which will make him feel unloved unpopular.

That latter at his age could suggests some serious thinking about how he stretches his energy. February 7, Birthdate Meaning. March 7, Birthdate Meaning. April 7, Birthdate Meaning. May 7, Birthdate Meaning. June 7, Birthdate Meaning. July 7, Birthdate Meaning. August 7, Birthdate Meaning. September 7, Birthdate Meaning.

October 7, Birthdate Meaning.

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November 7, Birthdate Meaning. December 7, Birthdate Meaning. January 8, Birthdate Meaning. February 8, Birthdate Meaning.

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March 8, Birthdate Meaning. April 8, Birthdate Meaning. May 8, Birthdate Meaning.

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June 8, Birthdate Meaning. July 8, Birthdate Meaning. August 8, Birthdate Meaning. September 8, Birthdate Meaning. October 8, Birthdate Meaning. November 8, Birthdate Meaning. December 8, Birthdate Meaning. January 9, Birthdate Meaning. February 9, Birthdate Meaning. March 9, Birthdate Meaning. April 9, Birthdate Meaning. May 9, Birthdate Meaning. June 9, Birthdate Meaning.

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July 9, Birthdate Meaning. August 9, Birthdate Meaning. September 9, Birthdate Meaning. October 9, Birthdate Meaning. February 10, Birthdate Meaning. March 10, Birthdate Meaning. April 10, Birthdate Meaning. May 10, Birthdate Meaning. June 10, Birthdate Meaning.

July 10, Birthdate Meaning. August 10, Birthdate Meaning. September 10, Birthdate Meaning.

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October 10, Birthdate Meaning. November 10, Birthdate Meaning.

December 10, Birthdate Meaning. January 11, Birthdate Meaning. February 11, Birthdate Meaning. March 11, Birthdate Meaning. In this case there are no rigid tensions between the poles, there is less dynamism, and more flexibility. In general, it is not necessary to consider the Grand Square as a destructive configuration; on the contrary, it is a very stable pattern producing results through effort.

A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four points of a horoscope which occur as pairs of oppositions connected by squares. Essentially, this aspect pattern is four interlocking squares.


This Grand Cross is somewhat wide in orb. Life can be a series of challenges and crises for the native with a Grand Cross. Obstacles can come from within attitudes and without external circumstances. Rarely will a person with this combination choose the path of least resistance. They tend to seek out challenges. Globa cites the Grand Cross as the most clearly operating configuration which symbolically corresponds to the element of Fire.

Such people are very confident in their correctness and do not turn aside, but concede only under great pressure, and then only for a while. McEvers suggest that when the Grand Cross is present in the natal chart, the native is capable of surprising efforts and vigorous activity. The direction of these efforts and actions depends on the cross of qualities and houses in which the points of the Grand Cross are located.

The cardinal cross always indicates speed of action, the fixed cross strongly pronounced resoluteness when acting, while the mutable cross in many respects depends on the actions and reactions of other people. Acker remark that any attempt to solve a problem associated with one planet of the Grand Cross burdens the other planets connected in the configuration with problems.

The native is thus compelled to hasten from one crisis situation to another, unable to concentrate on any one situation for long enough to truly find a constructive resolution. If all the points of a Grand Cross are in one cross of qualities or cross of houses qualities, the problems of this cross will dominate the life of the native.

Working with the planet of a Grand Cross which has the greatest number of harmonious aspects to planets not involved in the Grand Cross will enable the person to redirect energy for easier advancement. Podvodnyj states that it is better to treat the Grand Cross as a balance of oppositions, not concentrating efforts on one particular planet or horoscope house as a specific objective, but carefully tracing a rhythm of destiny, like balancing on the crest of a wave. People with a Grand Cross in the natal horoscope have protection, but too high to conjecture a direct attribution.

The configuration of aspects formed when points of a chart form a Grand Trine, and two of them sextile a fourth point or points. Uranus is sextile two points in the Grand Trine: Neptune and Jupiter. A Grand Trine alone may not provide enough impetus or challenge to develop the talents inherent in the Grand Trine.

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The Trine degree astrological aspect inspires ease and harmony but it can also lead to a static experience where there is little growth or evolution. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction aspects every exact five degrees. This two part video shows Saturn's retrogrades in the heavens and the conjoining stars and constellations from through , and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto synods occuring in late sidereal Sagittarius in Her presence is soft and uniquely attractive, with an optimistic, well-balanced, stable and ambassador-like quality. Sign up for Lynn's free monthly Planetary Illuminations report. This is a compounded synod with Ceres and Mars.

Natives with the Kite in their charts are more inclined to put the talents of the Grand Trine into action, hopefully constructively although not necessarily! Levin state that a Kite gives internal stability, flexibility, and successful realization of abilities. To these are added the aspiration to transform surroundings, early accomplishment, activity, and aggressiveness.