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Entirely programmable, they are available for Real Time cycles, daily transits, transits compared to the natal chart, progressed cycles, profections, converse directions, and tertiary directions. With several aspectarian functions, you can also search in time for stelliums composed of 3, 4 or 5 planets. This is useful in mundane and forecasting astrology. For the declination aspects, you can also research configurations of 3 planets.

Transit dates completely configurable : delineation of transit with estimated dates of their effects. More than , geographical locations available, or three million if you install the expanded atlas of world cities.

Your Ultimate Guide to Astrology

Multi-windows display -- you can view several charts at once on the screen. The charts can be displayed in the traditional square format South India, North India or Bengal , or in round format with nakshatras. Planetary strengths according to D.

Lecture 1 Astronomy for Astrology

Positions of fixed stars, with aspects in the natal chart. True distances between planets. Advanced functions including Primary Campanus, Regiomontanus, Placidus , Tertiary and Evolutionary directions; Luni-solar returns; Lunar phase returns; Local Space Charts; adjustable real-time clock chart for current transiting positions. Solar charts; Nodal charts; Profections. Map of the stars and constellations with location of the ecliptic and planets.

Temporal Cylinder according to Pierre Etevenon. Converse functions. Option to personalize printed pages. Optional display of various data outside the chart: midpoints, Uranian Transneptunian factors, various hypothetical points, fixed stars, arabic parts, and others. Ephemerides : With the Professional version, you can not only get conventional ephemerides with the planetary positions in longitude , but also obtain the positions in declination or in latitude.

These will tell you not only the longitudes of the planets, but also the declinations and an aspectarian of the major aspects one month per printed page. Example You can also have not only the usual planetary positions, in geocentric astrology, but also heliocentric ephemerides , based on the Sun which will also indicate the position of the Moon.

Example Programmable points: This is one of the more interesting improvements of the latest versions. Traditional planets: from the Sun to Pluto. And the same for Priape the point opposite to the Black Moon. Arabic parts: Part of Fortune and any Arabic part programmed in the software about thirty or simply configurable.

Midpoints: You can display any midpoint. Fixed Stars: Choice of many stars. Echo points according to D. Jay : Display of the Echo for the planets or the main points.

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External points: Ten programmable points allow you to show points not calculated by the program. Determination of the Almuten with calculation details , of the Hyleg planet or Aphet , of the Anaretic planet, of the Alcochoden. Display of the adjusted birth date according to the choice made. Hieroz-Bonatti Directions : usual aspects according to Bonatti.

Profection dates research. Fridaries alfridaries : planets which have dominant influence during the different periods of life. Systems of domitude including the Porphyry system.

Astrologers Astronomical Handbook by Jeff Mayo, First Edition - AbeBooks

Antiscia and Contrascia aspects. Infociel Windows. Description: Practical, efficient, and easy to use, Infociel Windows is a graphic astrology application for personal computers with Windows. It includes the functions most frequently used by most astrologers --Traditional astrology, as well as Humanistic astrology-- at a very reasonable price. Large time frame for computations: up to 12, years of ephemerides -- from the year B.

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Complete and scientifically-formatted data input. Save and recall functions for an unlimited number of charts. More than charts of celebrities are stored in memory, with birth data verified by P. Petitallot, birth records analyst. Thousands of geographic locations for cities are pre-loaded -- others can be entered manually. Copy charts and tables to other applications such as your word processor with a single cut and paste command. A user-friendly toolbox provides shortcuts to access various functions with a click of the mouse.

Installation and configuration of the application are quite easy due to installation help screens.

The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook

A user's guide with tutorial and extensive screen help are available upon request. Quality printing on most all printers. Zoom function to enlarge or reduce viewing size of charts. Chart displays can be altered to: Ascendant on the left, Aries on the left, External Zodiac, Humanistic mandala, or two methods of Fixed houses. Adjustable size of many elements in the chart. Choice of the symbols for houses, planets, signs, etc.

The color of each element --sign, planet, aspect-- can be changed individually to suit your preferences. Various data tables -- aspects, positions Functions and computations: Natal chart. Solar returns. Lunar returns. Secondary progressions. Symbolic directions. Chart comparisons -- Synastry. Midpoints between two charts. New Moon cycles -- charts and dates.

Full Moon cycles -- charts and dates. Progressed New Moon chart with dates. Dates of the progressed New Moon. Other options available: Static, dynamic, or step-by-step Transits -- the amount of motion through time can be programmed. Various data tables: planetary positions, aspects, and others.

Ephemerides : with this function, you can view on screen or print tables of planetary positions as in our paper book. Example Tables of Houses : like for the ephemerides, you can view on screen or print out pages of Tables of Houses, for whatever latitude in degrees and minutes , thus more accurately than our paper book. The calculation method most frequently used is Placidus, but you can select others Regiomontanus, Campanus Example Biorhythms: With this function you can get the graphics of your Physical, Emotional and Intellectual cycles for any day.

Special Uranian Astrology. Description: Practical and efficient, Special Uranian Astrology is an astrological software developed in collaboration with Ruth Brummund of the Hamburg School. This is a program specifically designed to implement Uranian Astrology as taught by year practitioner and specialist Ruth Brummund.

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The astrologer's astronomical handbook [Jeff Mayo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The astrologer's astronomical handbook. Astrologer's Astronomical Handbook [Jeff Mayo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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