March 7 zodiac sign astrology

March 7 Zodiac

The Sun is in the sign of Pisces and this brings attention to love that is unconditional and even more tolerant than it needs to be when things go the wrong way. The Moon is in the sign of Pisces all morning. Communication is key but today, your love language may require some support from other forms of adoration and emotional expression.

March 7 Birthday Astrology

There's a bit of tension in the air as Mars and Mercury form a harsh aspect with one another. Similar to two cats that seem to have limited space to occupy, these two planets create tension, and perhaps a bit of confusion since Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. Have a friend or lover, perhaps even a parent who loves to tell jokes at other's expense? Today may be the day to practice ignoring their humor. Instead, turning your attention towards what you can control yourself is the advice of the Aries Moon, which arrives later this afternoon. You can focus on your own side of the road and keep your emotional sidewalk clean by taking on some of the fun and fast paced energy of a Ram-energized lunar transit which lasts from today until Saturday afternoon.

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Today, have fun. Be playful, and if you do hear a joke your way that makes you feel less than happy, give a retort back for fun. That's what a Ram would do! If you have an event coming up or an important date for two, consider this to be a perfect time. Chances are that your partner already recognizes the problem. Your love life is hot, then cold; hot, then cold, again. You may need to address your need for space and time together with the person you care about. A Pisces born on March 7 is among the most creative of the year.

They are true visionaries. Although they may appear malleable, they have an ability to subjugate their ego to comprehend reality.

They are empathetic. Their sensitivity can transcend relationships of all types and definition. Friends are indispensable to March 7 people. They collect friends the way other people collect art.

Some Famous Pisceans That Share Your Sign!

In romance, they are not fickle. They often seek impossible love situations, realizing that they can learn more through suffering. They are likely to fall in love with love.

Hey there!

Those born on this date have strong ties to their background. Remember, the best lawyers, counselors, and psychiatrists are those who are able to maintain a professional distance. On the one hand, you can be idealistic, imaginative, and creative. On the other hand, you can be introverted, compassionate, caring, and nurturing. However, this can only happen if you allow yourself to maintain some kind of emotional discipline.

I know this sounds crazy; I know this almost sounds like a foreign concept, but the sooner you wrap your mind around this is the sooner you will make progress in all areas of your life. March 7 Pisces people are, by nature, non-confrontational. This is a serious problem because there are too many people on this planet that are toxic.

Planetary Row

There are too many people that would take and take, and not give anything back. You really have no business being stuck in those one-sided relationships. Learn how to stand up for yourself, and you would be able to achieve greater things with your life. Do yourself a favor. Give yourself the respect and value you deserve.

Feel free to push back. Feel free to speak your mind.

March 7 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

Always keep this in mind. You would be doing both of you a big favor when you do that.

Neptune is a water planet. It exhibits a lot of the instability and emotionalism of the Pisces personality. With that said, there are certain unknowable and unreachable parts of Neptune that can throw out a surprise or two. These are your ace in the hole.

These are your secret tools that would enable you to gain a competitive advantage in all areas of your life. Tap into these.