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February 25 Zodiac

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Feel free to PM me and I can try to help out. I am at work today so I don't have my cards, but I can do a digital reading for you with a 3 or 7 card spread.

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Just PM me if you are interested. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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Card of the Week - Feb 25, - The Star. Card of the Week.

Three Card Crow Tarot General Reading - Saturday March 31

This week's card is: The Star. Continue this thread. Would anyone like to swap readings?

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I can do either a 15 card love or general reading for you. Thank you!! More posts from the tarot community. Apr 18, Cake Day.

Tarot Tuesdays with Liz Selke

For tarot enthusiasts of all experience levels and belief systems. Beginners, professionals and skeptics welcome! Discuss the history of tarot cards, learn about tarot theory, compare reading techniques, and more.

This is very important to remember when The Tower comes up in a reading. When I first pulled this card it made me nervous. Even with all my experience with T arot , I still have resistance to certain cards. It is similar to how we all resist change, even though it is usually a positive transformation for us. The Tower is a strong card.

It is perhaps one of the strongest in the whole of Tarot. It mandates the clearing out of any lies, fake-ness or unhealthy patterns in our lives. But The Tower is not pointing to some event we do not know about.

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It is not telling us an unknown disaster is about to take place. It is pointing us to things we already know to be true. It asks us: how are you holding on to a story that is hurting you?

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Daily Tarot Card Reading February 25 We need insights in our situation sometimes. You are at the right place to get insights about your love life. Nikki's Weekly Tarot Reading: February March 3, by Nikki Fogerty However, we cannot predict the future and neither can the Tarot.

What are you currently doing that makes you feel bad? Who is around you that is pulling you down? The Tower wants us to remove the decaying underbrush in our lives so we can plant seeds in fresh soil.

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It wants our ideas, goals and plans to have a real chance of survival. It shows us that we are craving a solid foundation in which to build our life. We are the ones that set up the environment in which our dreams can grow. If we have a lot of old garbage lying around there is no place for the plants to sprout, so we have to clear it out.

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This technique is used by some television psychics in conjunction with cold reading. Now is the time to create that magical feeling! We are sorry for inconvenience. Retrieved February 23, You will be distrustful and suspicious of others. Now you feel like there is nothing more you can do; you will be tempted to give up trying and to let everything fall apart in order to feel free. Your email will only be seen by the event organizer.

The Tower wants us to listen to our hearts. It wants us to question: in order for our lives to expand positively, what has got to go? Only you know the answer. Whatever comes up for you when you hear this, is what you need to listen to. Do not ignore the messages of The Tower or your heart. The Hierophant is here as support this week.

Daily Tarot Reading for February 25, 2018 💔Mending - Magnetic Tarot

It is the card of guidance.