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Numerology of your birth date – your destiny decoded in your Life Path
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The numbers used in Numerology to indicate one's Life Path Number run from 1 to 9. This double digit higher vibration adds its own "flavor" to your Life Path Number, but is usually discussed in greater detail ONLY when that number is a Master Number 11 , 22 , or 33 or a Karmic Debt Number 13, 14, 16, or Year It looks like you did not enter any information. Please try again :. If you have any questions regarding how your Life Path Number was calculated, or the calculation method used, please visit our page on How to Calculate your Life Path Number While Life Path Number is derived from our Date of Birth , and is considered one of the most important numbers within our Numerology Chart , our Full Birth Name also greatly influences our overall being.

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Other numbers in your Numerology Chart also have an influence on who you are and who you might become. If you are interested in learning more, you can begin with your Free Numerology Chart Summary. As far as Life Path Number Compatibility goes, there are certain numbers that complement each other better than others. Numerology Compatibility Analysis provided by seventhlifepath. Learn More.

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Life Path Number Calculator, Numerology Name Number Definitions, Free Life While Life Path Number is derived from our Date of Birth, and is considered. If you are born on February 21st then Astrology or numerology can predicts many on a fixed location on February 21st on your birth date, a lot can be predicted.

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How to calculate your numerology: The sum of the numbers in your birth date can indicate your Life Path and purpose during this lifetime. Calculate your Life Path Number by entering your birth date below and see what Numerology has to say about you!

Gyan Varsha Numerology : Birth Day 3, 12, 21, 30

Ancient peoples believed that numbers had a special magical significance and believed that your destiny is revealed in numbers such as the date of your birth and the numbers that arise when the letters in your name are substituted with numbers. Many mystical systems believe that everything is bound together in a great design and this is reflected in the harmony and graceful balance we see in mathematics.

This is an ancient concept of which the earliest exponents in Western Traditions were the Pythagoreans.

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Two people may have matching personalities but their life's destiny may be too different for a relationship to work. The sound of someone speaking comes out in vibrations of different frequencies that affect the speaker and those around them. October 10, Birthdate Meaning. All services offered through this web site are for entertainment only. The adjacent number to 1 is 2.

They assigned different properties to numbers. Odd numbers were seen as active and have creative characteristics.

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They are a male energy and act with a dynamic force. This idea is similar in some ways to the Chinese idea of the quality of Yang. Some of these ideas are reflected in the Chinese I Ching - which at heart is actually a binary system.

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Female numbers are even — similar perhaps to Yin in China. The Pythagoreans assigned even number with passive qualities.

So for example the number 6 is said to stand for the characteristics of dependability, harmony and domesticity based upon the mathematical properties of the number. These ideas of active odd numbers and passive even numbers form the basis of numerology to this day.

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